Insider Tips on How to Find and Win Competitions – 40 Tips

Insider Tips on How to Find and Win Competitions

When it comes to winning big, individuals have practically bagged items, occasions and events they could only dream of. Ranging from luxury weddings, five-star holidays worth thousands of dollars have been worn by someone through comping.

While it sounds out of this world, it is possible. Individuals will spend nothing and take home some of the largest packages.

The reason behind spending very little is because companies are looking at this as an opportunity to market and promote their products and services. The cost between giving away a luxurious getaway and the cost of putting an advertisement in a newspaper on several occasions makes some business sense.

What is comping?

This is all about setting aside some time to enter free competitions in a bid to increase the probability of winning. The more you join, the higher your chances of winning. Think of it as several chances to owning what you thought your salary could not. Expensively furnish your home, travel places, as well as increase your cash savings.

When joining these competitions all you need do is fill-in a form, send a post card or answering a question. All this are online competitions and this is done from the comfort of your home.

Other than simply winning, the other added advantage is that these prizes are tax-free.

Success and wins are not guaranteed.

The probability that you may not win is also equally as high and you cannot sue anyone for not winning despite your countless participation. However, since it will cost you nothing, it is worth the try.

Remain positive and think of comping as a rewarding hobby rather than a job that may not pay.

These online competitions can get addictive whereby you may spend hours will be spent online. As indicated, the pay may not be as promising either.

If you are into the spirit, the above are not aspects to put to heart. As a hobby, you will take time and participate in the UK competitions even with streak of bad lack.

Other individuals have taken home thousands of pounds and this should act as a motivational factor for many rather than holding on to the demotivational aspects.

pile of cash winnings– Isla

Currently, this has rewarded quite a number of individuals and the biggest win was a cash award for 20,000 pounds.

– Luckystar101

Luckystar101 made it for another winner who made a cash win of 20,000 pounds and a BMW car. Yes, you can win a car with comping. This must have been an opportunity of the century as many find it normal to win money or win a car but rarely both at the same time from the same provider.


Another comping hobby individual won a 17,000 pound wedding that came as a package including a honeymoon in Dubai in addition to the platinum wedding rings.

– yummymama

Another big prize was that of 22,000 pounds accompanied by great Gatsby screening and a trip of four to NYC.

– mrsrobertson

gadgetsWith just a few years into comping, prizes of the latest gadgets and products have been won costing well over 26,000 pounds plus a trip to Las Vegas that was worth 3,000 pounds. The trip defined loyalty as every move made was in a limo and a trip around with a helicopter was well over the expectations. Accommodation was also exquisite.

It is important that you always read and understand the terms and conditions that apply for the competition. Each competition comes with its set of regulations to play with.

It is advisable that you appreciate the MoneySaver. Click on the button below their post to send a thank you.

Assign an email address that is meant for comping only. This will help prevent piling up spam with the rest of your personal emails.

While many would advice you join every possible online competition, it is important that you are very picky. Play for prizes you really want rather than anything.

Read to find if there are any exclusions. If yes….move on to another comp.

If you are looking to improve your chances of winning, play extra effort comps. This is because very few individuals want to join these competitions. Think of it as eliminating the number of contestants. In addition, local base competitions will also increase your chances as the players are less.

Pen witty tie-breakers

Boost your chances of winning with a tie-breaker slogan. Just keep the slogan short and punchy and have it related to the company’s efforts.

spy glass


Hunt for answers

Use search engines to identify right answers if you are comping and quizes are part of playing the game.


Speed is important

Did you know you can open two windows when working with Firefox? This allows you to compete on window and find answers on the other fast. Installing is easy as you simply need to download it and follow the provided instructions.

Enforce speedy entries

There are tools that will help you make quick entries thereby spending less time on your computer and increasing the number of competitions.

You can get started by having a word document that has all your information on it. Once you start competing, simply copy and paste the information into the boxes.

Alternatively, when using the internet, the feature that allows you save information comes in handy. In this, the moment you start to type a word, it completes itself. Due to minimizing safety risks, avoid shared computers.

There is also the AutoComplete option with Internet Explorer. Microsoft also has a solution to this feature if you are having problems using it with Internet Explorer.

Firefox has a form-filling function. On the Tools option, select privacy then tick on the remember history. Advance this by downloading the AutoFill Forms add-on.

Turbo-charge your form filling

Roboform makes this possible. It stores information which it uses to fill your forms online. However, do not forget your password to gain access to the information. A disadvantage related to filling your competition form this way is that companies may regard you as a spambort and disqualify your entry.

Customize your keyboard

This is all about customizing your shortcuts so they are close to each other in an easy to remember format.

Quickly open multiple links

With Firefox, you have the ability to open multiple links at the same time on different tabs. This makes work easy for competitions that come with a number of links. It is time saving.

All T.V competitions should be free. After all, all online competitions are free so there is no need to pay for any other. A good option is Good Morning Britain, Dickson’s Real Deal and This Morning.

Boost Postcard entries

If you are looking to win tickets, never pay for a postcard. You can use library or cinema tills to get free postcards. Save-up and use second class stamps unless you are running late on the deadline. Use Superdrug and monitor when they offer discounts and stock up.

winning checklistCheck and count winnings

There are a number of ways to know where you stand. You could receive a phone call, email, knock on the door through post. Others require you keep checking on their site.

Filter winning emails

This will help you to keep track of your winnings. In addition, always reply these emails.

Also, keep a list of the prizes you have won. It not only acts as a motivational factor but you also know what you received against what is still underway.

How to complain

Sometimes your prize may delay without any feedback or not arrive at all. Start by letting the company know politely. If nothing happens, reach out for the Advertising Standards Authority which regulates all activities and outlines the code of conduct.

Where to Find Comps

These are everywhere. Magazines, newspapers, websites, shops, television, as well as in recreational centers. Search engines when looking for legit websites will come in handy.

It is advisable that you go for FREE competitions. On the other hand, some my require that you spend on a stamp or a postcard which is also not bad.

Work with a target

Just like you would take on any other hobby, work with a target. You may decide to fill a given number of forms every week. This also increases the number of competitions you enter and the chances of winning.